Basic Tips in Kickstarting Your SEO Efforts

Search Engine Optimization. Such big words that people would often shy away from, but we don’t do that here. We embrace an SEO challenge. Whenever our clients come to us for help in starting their SEO journey, we always make it a point to guide them on what SEO is and how they, themselves, can start on it.

Do you want to know how to kickstart your SEO journey? Read on.

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the whole process of optimizing your website (meaning your domain, content, etc) so that your target visitors end up on your site. It includes, but is not limited to, using keywords in your content. While people think that using keywords is the sure way to increase your site traffic, that’s not the only way to do it.

When you get your SEO right, your ranking on the search engine results page (SERP) will improve. This means that you slowly move towards the first pages. However, that doesn’t mean that if you do everything right, you’ll be the top site on the SERP. While that’s possible, there are other factors involved that will not fully guarantee that.

Starting SEO for Beginners

Ready to start some SEO for your website? Here are the first steps you should take.

1. You start with keywords…

A huge part of SEO is keywords. The first thing you have to do is know the keywords that your audience will be using. It doesn’t take a marketing genius to know what keywords you need to have. All you need to do is put yourself in your audience’s shoes. What will they search so that they can reach you? Have 5-10 of those keywords to use in your content.

Now it’s easy to get carried away with keywords. In fact, most of our clients often think that sprinkling many of those keywords will help. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. It makes things even worse because Google also checks for the overuse of keywords.

2. …but don’t stop with keywords.

Just because keywords are the main component in SEO doesn’t mean that they’re the only ones affecting your rankings. In fact, your rankings will have a lot to do with your overall user experience, the links leading to your site, your domain name, and your URL.

We suggest that if you are new to SEO and you’re at a point where you’re still building everything, then it’s good to tie all your keywords together and include them in all the aspects of your website.

3. Get the domain name right.

We’ve given you a hint on what else you can do – choose your domain wisely. Your domain name will be a great search word especially when it’s related to the product or services you offer. For example, you are an e-commerce shop for skincare products, then use a domain name that has ‘skincare’ in it. Of course, it sounds easier said than done because you also have to think about your branding.

If you’re stuck and don’t know what domain name to use, you can go ahead and use some tools online that will help craft a domain name. Some of these tools will give you synonyms or prefixes and suffixes that you can use in your name.

4. Design your site.

When we say design, we don’t just mean the color palette and the creatives. We also mean how everything is arranged – how the home page leads to the other webpages and how the content will look like. Your goal here is to make your site organized so that users can easily find what’s what when they visit.

Know that there isn’t one formula for creating an SEO-friendly website. However, we recommend that you keep it simple and intuitive. Always keep in mind your audience – how will they navigate your site? Where should your buttons be so that they can go to the other webpages available? Will they find what they’re looking for easily? Asking these questions will already be enough in helping you design your site from top to bottom.

5. Is it easy to use your site?

If you didn’t know this, know that the whole user experience of your visitors is important in improving your rankings. Why? Who wants to go to a site that is hard to navigate? Surely, even you don’t want to stay a long time on a site like that.

For this one, we encourage you not to get stuck in the design and architecture of your site, hire a Houston SEO services. In other words, don’t get paralyzed by the design. Design is just a part of the whole equation, so make sure that you don’t leave the user experience bad.

SEO seems daunting at first, but we assure you that it isn’t. In fact, the basics we’ve mentioned here are the cornerstones for helping your site get more traffic.

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